Historical Novel Society

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21 Jun History Descends on St. Pete



Here’s a charming historical postcard from St. Petersburg, Florida, in honor of the Historical Novel Society’s 2013 conference, which is being held there this weekend. Love the Model-Ts!

My fabulous agent Diana Fox is going to be there, so find her and say “hi!” to her for me! I wish I could be there in person—I know everyone is having a wonderful time. I’m following all the various updates I can find, so everybody—please keep blogging, tweeting and FB-ing!

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25 Jun Home Again, Home Again

Spent this past week resting on my Victorian fainting-couch with a nice cold cloth on my forehead, after the excitement of my weekend in San Diego at the North American Historical Novel Society Conference. What an amazing experience! Fervent thanks to Richard Lee, the 2011 Conference Chair, and board members Alana White, Sarah Johnson, Ann Chamberlin, Mary Burns and Roni Coates for all their hard work in creating and managing such a wonderful conference.

I met so many fabulous writers—my heroine Cecelia Holland (who on the Saturday night gave the shortest and best keynote address I’ve ever seen, to a standing ovation), Emily Cotton (whose Tudor-era gown was smashing), Julianne Douglas, Anne Easter Smith, Christy English, C.W. Gortner, Susan Higginbotham, John Kachuba, Mitchell James Kaplan, Michelle Moran, Hana Samek Norton, Amanda Orr, Sophie Perinot, Teralyn Pilgrim (who writes about our unexpected meeting here), Kate Quinn (who is kind enough to mention me here in her hysterical conference recap–scroll down to Saturday afternoon), Mary Sharratt, Kris Tualla, Jeri Westerson and so many more I admired and gaped at from afar but was too shy to approach. I was very disappointed that Margaret Frazer was sidelined at the last minute—get well soon, Margaret!

Coming down to earth and back to the real world of revising The Flower Reader is not easy. Oh, and by the way—The Flower Reader is now up on Amazon for pre-order, so order today to get yours the moment it releases on April 3, 2012!

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16 Jun San Diego, Here I Come

I’ll be unplugged until Monday—tomorrow I’m off to the Historical Novel Society’s 4th North American Conference in San Diego. I am so looking forward to meeting the many wonderful historical fiction writers and readers I’ve “met” and interacted with online. Also to meeting (meeting! in person!) some of my long-time favorites, like Cecelia Holland and Margaret Frazer. Wish me luck with my presentation on the “Debut Novelists” panel, and see you next week!

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27 Nov Saturday I-8

Saturday almost got away from me again. (I know, it makes it sound rather like a restive filly.) Anyway, there’s not much to report for this past week—the Broadcasting Legend™ and I had a quiet Thanksgiving at home, just the two of us. Both our families are so far-flung—from Washington state to Nashville to Illinois and Indiana. And it was a little difficult for me to face the first Thanksgiving without my dear mother—so many of the traditions and recipes I’ve always cherished were hers. Next year I will pick up the threads again.

I worked on The Silver Casket through the week. I have a wonderful, detailed outline (I am an outliner down to the ground), but in one scene the story just took the bit in its teeth (to continue my equine references) and surprised me with a scene utterly unlike anything in the outline. It accomplished the same thing in the end, but the process was not at all what I had expected. I do love those moments.

Good news this week—I’ve been invited to speak at the Historical Novel Society’s 2011 conference next summer, on the “Debut Novelists” panel. I’m thrilled. The conference is going to be in San Diego, June 17-19, 2011, and I can’t wait. It will be my first conference! One of the author guests of honor is Cecelia Holland, one of my own favorite historical novelists of all time, and who read the manuscript of The Second Duchess and gave it a terrific endorsement. I am only afraid I’ll be reduced to fan-girl babbling.

A cold front has come through and our seventy-degree weather is a thing of the past—it’s even getting down below freezing overnight. The beagles follow the patches of sunlight around the house. Here is Boo, all warm and comfy on our guest-room bed. You can see how he rumpled up the pillow and coverlet to make himself a perfect sunshiny nest: