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15 Oct Open Link to The Chimera Jewel


Now free for everyone—the short story originally published in My Weekly magazine, and set in the world of The Second Duchess!


“The Chimera Jewel” by Elizabeth Loupas


Here’s the thumbnail sketch My Weekly used to describe the story: “In sixteenth-century Ferrara, a magnificent jewel empowers two very different women—an ardent young girl and a dignified duchess whose love is no less passionate for being carefully restrained…”


This is a PDF file, which includes the beautiful artwork My Weekly commissioned for the story. Remember you can click the “+” icon to increase the size of the image and the type. Don’t have a PDF reader? You can download Adobe Reader free:


Adobe Reader


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Many thanks to My Weekly for permission to republish the story and the art. Everyone enjoy!

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18 Aug A Delivery by the Royal Mail!

I received a package today via the Royal Mail, which was exciting enough in itself! But inside was a copy of last week’s issue of My Weekly Magazine, with “The Chimera Jewel” inside:




My Weekly does such a beautiful job of laying out stories with luscious, evocative artwork. I am thrilled that my story featuring Barbara and Alfonso from The Second Duchess found such a wonderful home.


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07 Aug The Chimera Jewel

Love, says Duke Alfonso to his duchess Barbara of Austria in The Second Duchess, is a chimera of poets and adulteresses.


And in a new short story called “The Chimera Jewel,” which I’ve written exclusively for My Weekly magazine, Alfonso presents Barbara with a particularly meaningful gift:


                In the box there was a jewel, encircled with diamonds and sapphires, depicting a graceful but clearly mythological beast fashioned in gold and embellished with more precious stones. It had the forequarters of a lioness, the head of a horned goat rearing from its back, and a snake for a tail.

                “A chimera,” I said. A mythological beast, yes, but also a symbol of something that could exist only in the imagination….


It was a wonderful experience to enter the world of sixteenth-century Ferrara again, the color and excitement of the Berlingaccio revels, and the endlessly fascinating relationship between Duke Alfonso and Duchess Barbara. So mannered and cool on the surface, yet burning with fire and ice underneath. The chimera jewel is Alfonso’s way of saying “I love you” to his second duchess—something he would never “stoop” (as dear Mr. Browning puts it) to say in so many words.


What does Barbara do with the jewel?


Well, that’s the story. 🙂


Buy this week’s copy of My Weekly and read “The Chimera Jewel” for yourself. You’ll also be offered a chance to win the UK mass-market paperback edition of The Second Duchess.


Not in the UK? Well, My Weekly is generous with allowing the rights to the story to eventually revert to me. Use the form below to sign up for my newsletter, and one day soon I’ll send out a link to “The Chimera Jewel” online!




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11 May Mother’s Day 2014

Mother's Day 1947

It was Mother’s Day 1947. In those days (gulp) taking pictures was a rarer and more formal thing. Someone (my father? My grandfather?) lined up the women of the family for a snapshot with fourteen-month-old me in my beautiful young mother’s arms. I don’t remember it, of course–not even the enormous sunbonnet. Can you imagine putting something like that on a toddler today?


Left to right, my paternal grandmother Elizabeth Schroeder Gross (I’m named for her, although that’s a story in itself), my aunt Margaret Gross Paugh, me, my dear dear mother Margaret Fleming Gross (to whom The Flower Reader is dedicated), and my maternal grandmother Bonnie Otto Fleming. Bonnie’s real name was “Bonnalynn”–one has to wonder where that came from, as she was born in 1887. But her mother’s name was Margaret Roxanne Landers, so perhaps a penchant for fanciful names ran in the family. In any case, she herself hated “Bonnalynn” and called herself “Bonnie.” but I loved it and always thought that if I were ever fortunate enough to have a daughter of my own (which I’m not, alas) I’d name her “Bonnalynn.”


Perhaps one day there will be a “Bonnalynn” in a book….


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09 May The Women of the Medici

Wife, mistress, sister and cousin of a powerful and alchemy-obsessed Grand Duke… an alchemical soror mystica and a grandmother with the eyes of a revolutionary… the women take center stage in The Red Lily Crown. Which isn’t to say that there aren’t a few powerful men in the background as well. Here’s a lovely review from the Pittsburgh Examiner:


History, fiction, sex, scandal, schemes, and alchemy all combine to make up one of the best historical fictions novels of 2014!


Read the entire review here!


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27 Apr Now Pinning The Red Lily Crown!

I’ve started a Pinterest board called “Travels with Chiara,” for pictures of The Red Lily Crown in the wild. I’d love to have any kind of pictures–your copy of the book in your favorite reading place, your copy of the book with your pet or pets (I especially love pet pictures, of course), copies of the book in bookstores and libraries and wherever you go. You can post a link in the comments, or send your pictures to me at travels (at) elizabethloupas (dot) com.


I’m looking forward to Chiara’s travels around the world!


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24 Feb Advance Copies of The Red Lily Crown!

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19 Feb Beauty, Cruelty and Madness

theredlilycrownhomeFabulous four-star review for The Red Lily Crown, upcoming in the March issue of Romantic Times! A tiny taste: “Loupas’ reputation as a force in historical fiction gains momentum with this exciting, well-crafted story… a vivid portrait of the time, giving readers an in-depth picture of the beauty, cruelty and madness, and the superstitious nature of powerful men and women.”

I’m going to be giving away some signed ARCs very shortly, so come on over and “like” my Facebook Author page:

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