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15 Dec 2008 Hidden Objects

Recently I’ve become enamored of what are called “hidden-object” games. Remember when you were little, those black-and-white puzzle-pictures you’d look at and try to find the carrot or the cupcake camouflaged in the lines of the drawing? These games operate on the same principal, although they’re much more sophisticated and much more gorgeous.

Sometimes the hidden objects are actually camouflaged. Sometimes there is just such a rich and crazy profusion of objects within the scene and one must go over it slowly and carefully to sort out what’s what and what one is really looking for.

It occurs to me that life is like that.

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14 Dec 2008 Waiting

Writers wait a lot. We wait for good news and sometimes—oh, lovely sometimes—we get it. Other times, not so much. Here are some of the things I do to distract myself from waiting.

  • Write something new.
  • Walk with the doggies.
  • Eat chocolate.
  • Do the Sunday NYT crossword puzzle.
  • Do housework (of which there is a never-ending supply).
  • Read (as there is likewise a bottomless to-be-read pile).
  • Write some more of the new thing.
  • Sleep.

I suppose now I can add blogging to the list. It could certainly replace housework.