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20 Feb 2017 Our Boo

Boudin Loukaniko

June 30, 2001  –  February 20, 2017


We lost our dear old Boo today.


I can’t really write more, right now. Godspeed, Boo.


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06 Feb 2017 Still Begging After All These Years


This is what I see whenever I cook, bake, or have anything to do with food in the kitchen. We may be struggling with kidney failure (Cressie, on the left), congestive heart failure (Boudin, on the right), blindness and deafness (both of them, bless them), but those beagle noses never give up.


Every day’s a gift.


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01 Jan 2017 Hello, 2017



Happy New Year! Or as the Broadcasting Legend™ would say, “Kala Podariko,” or “Happy First Foot!” Cressie was our first-foot this year, which is only right, as she is the happiest, most light-hearted and fortunate of creatures, despite her great age and serious health issues. Bless you, little freckle-pawed Cress. Every day’s a gift.


Boudin, of course, was right behind her.


We’re expecting great things from you, 2017. Don’t disappoint us!



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23 Dec 2016 Popcorn Christmas


Everyone knows I love popcorn, and at Christmastime it’s not only a delicious and healthful snack… it’s a decoration! Of course, we have to be careful to keep it above dog level. It’s not that popcorn is bad for doggies, but if they can reach it we’re left with just a few bare threads.


Merry Christmas from the Broadcasting Legend™, Cressie and Boudin, and from me!


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30 Jun 2016 Boudin at Fifteen



It’s pure coincidence that Boudin and Cressie both celebrate their fifteenth birthdays this month. We adopted Cressie from Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue in 2002. In 2007 we lost our beloved Raffles,  and by the beginning of 2008 we were ready to rescue another beagle. Who should come along but Boudin, with several strikes against him—he was “too old” (seven, poor baby), heartworm-positive and with a ghastly ear infection, a confirmed cat-chaser (we had an elderly cat at the time) and an escape artist who’d already been returned by at last one adoptive home. Aww, Boo. I lost my heart from the moment I saw his picture. He came home with us on January 6, 2008.


He was a little frail from the heartworm treatment, but we “fed him up,” as my mother would have said, and within a few months he was officially heartworm negative. We solved the rest of his health issues. He turned out to be gentle and friendly with Bob, our geriatric kitty. He did escape a few times (and I have the extra gray hairs to show for it), but eventually he settled in. He is the most affectionate, sweetest-tempered fellow you can possibly imagine, and we love him dearly.


When he was first surrendered to animal control his age was given as “6 yrs 2 mos,” and counting back, that would have put his date of birth sometime in June 2001. We don’t know the actual day, so we assigned him June 30th. Happy birthday, Boudin Loukaniko. Every day’s a gift.

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01 Jun 2016 Cressie at Fifteen



Cressie is the only one of our rescued beagles whose date of birth we actually know. There was some paperwork surrendered with her that pointed us to a vet in Edmonton, Alberta, and we talked to him, and learned details of her first year or so when we adopted her. And her date of birth was June 1, 2001, so today she’s fifteen.


Fifteen is a fine old age for a beagle lady, and despite her recent struggles with vestibular syndrome, our Miss Cress is doing very well. Her little face is white and many of her freckles have faded—Cressie was the model for Rinette Leslie’s freckled hound Seilie in The Flower Reader. Her eyesight isn’t what it used to be, either, but she still patrols the Squirrel Tree™ and the fences, and can cut loose with a high-pitched beagle bay or two when she catches the flick of a tail or a dash along the fencetop.


Happy birthday, Cressalinda Marie. Every day’s a gift.


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28 Mar 2016 The Red Lily Crown Goes to Russia

TRLC Russian Medium


Can anyone read Russian? I received these books but sadly can’t read the Russian myself. As best I can figure out with the help of Google Translate, the title is something like “Brilliant and Treacherous Medici.” It certainly fits. Heh. Anyway, if anyone can translate this more correctly, I would much appreciate it!

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29 Feb 2016 You Want Us to What?

Cressie n Boo


Seeing as how it’s Leap Day and everything, I thought I’d coax Cressie and Boo to leap for the camera. I even offered cookies. Above you see their response.


It’s rare enough to get a picture of the two of them together, so I guess I’ll have to settle for that. Boo’s in front, Cressie’s behind him. Both of them are doing well, and that’s worth a leap of my own.


Happy Leap Day, everyone!


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28 Jan 2016 Update on Cressie



Our Cress is improving by leaps and bounds. I just took the snapshot above of her basking in the sunshine of our back yard, by the yucca plants. Thank goodness for it being a beautiful day!


She’s still a little stagger-y, particularly when she tries to do her “round-and-rounds” before lying down, but she’s eating, drinking, and walking pretty well. The anti-nausea medication is helping her a lot.


She says “Thank you!” and gives her patented Cressie snuggles to all her online friends who have wished her well!


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27 Jan 2016 Cressie Marie

Cressalinda Marie


When you were a kid, did your mother always call you by both your first name and your middle name when you were in trouble? Ours certainly did. And as the doggies are occasionally in trouble as well, they have to have middle names as well. Cressie’s turned out to be “Marie.” When she’s really been bad, she gets the whole thing–“Cressalinda Marie!”


However, our little Cress isn’t in trouble at the moment–she’s recovering from a terrifying attack of Canine Vestibular Disorder that struck her yesterday out of the blue. Remember when Boo had it last year? I suppose with two senior (first strike against them) beagles (second strike, as beagles seem to be particularly susceptible) in the house, it’s not surprising that it’s affected them both.


Anyway, Cressie had a terrible day yesterday. Fortunately I had all my journal notes for what we did with Boo, and so we managed to make her comfortable at last, and by evening got her drinking water and eating a little plain boiled rice. She’s still very stagger-y this morning, and although she’ll drink, she hasn’t been willing to eat anything yet. (I know, a beagle who won’t eat. Not something one sees very often.) I’m keeping her here with me, and hopefully her medication will kick in and she’ll be willing to eat a bit.


Poor Cressalinda Marie. It tears your heart out to see her staggering and falling. But at least we’ve been through it before with Boudin, and he’s muchly recovered. Plenty of fluids, good nursing care, and anti-nausea meds should help Cressie recover as well. Hang in there, little girl!