Our Boo

Boudin Loukaniko

June 30, 2001  –  February 20, 2017


We lost our dear old Boo today.


I can’t really write more, right now. Godspeed, Boo.



  • Anonymous

    Elizabeth and Jim, I am so sorry and heart broken to hear that you lost Boo today. He was such a loving and gentle hound from the first day he came into rescue. We knew he would have a wonderful life with you, and Crissa was a perfect match of a playmate for him. Godspeed old friend, you were loved by all that knew you.

    • Elizabeth Loupas

      It may say “Anonymous,” but I know it’s you, Tom and Marlene. We loved Boo so much and will always be grateful for all the care you took of him when he was your foster boy. Right now little Cressie is puzzled and bereft–she herself is so sick with renal failure that we’d almost expected to lose her first. But somehow she “compensates,” and remains reasonably perky despite her terrible labwork. The two of them were so close in age, just a month apart, and they were a perfect match, weren’t they? I can’t count the times we were asked if they were littermates. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts.

  • Deborah Jones

    So sorry to hear the heartbreaking news of your Boo’s passing. Take comfort in knowing he had a wonderful life with you and Jim. He knew how much you loved him every day. That picture perfectly captures his beautiful spirit, which lives on.

    • Elizabeth Loupas

      Thank you, Deborah. Isn’t that a lovely picture, with Boo grinning in his nest of pampas grass? It’s one of my favorites. Thanks again, from both Jim and me.