Cressie at Fifteen



Cressie is the only one of our rescued beagles whose date of birth we actually know. There was some paperwork surrendered with her that pointed us to a vet in Edmonton, Alberta, and we talked to him, and learned details of her first year or so when we adopted her. And her date of birth was June 1, 2001, so today she’s fifteen.


Fifteen is a fine old age for a beagle lady, and despite her recent struggles with vestibular syndrome, our Miss Cress is doing very well. Her little face is white and many of her freckles have faded—Cressie was the model for Rinette Leslie’s freckled hound Seilie in The Flower Reader. Her eyesight isn’t what it used to be, either, but she still patrols the Squirrel Tree™ and the fences, and can cut loose with a high-pitched beagle bay or two when she catches the flick of a tail or a dash along the fencetop.


Happy birthday, Cressalinda Marie. Every day’s a gift.


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