What Better Valentine’s Day Treat?

The mass-market edition of The Flower Reader is being released today in the UK. Thrilling adventure, high romance, and exquisite flowers—it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day! If you’re in the UK, check Tesco or W.H. Smith’s, or order online.

Cressie loves The Flower Reader!

Cressie says, “It’s delicious for reading in bed. If your ears are long enough (like mine), it’s perfect for ear-draping. I give it five cookies. No, six! Maybe seven? Please?”

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • Lisa Brackmann

    OMG — the CUUUUUTE!!!!!

    • elizabeth

      There’s nothing like beagle ears (draped or not) for anything that ails one. 🙂

  • Sarah Johnson

    That pic is just full of adorable. Congratulations on the UK paperback release!

    • elizabeth

      Thank you, Sarah! Cressie thanks you too, and wants to know if you have any cookies. 🙂