Kalo Podariko!

Happy First-Foot, as the Greeks say, for 2011! The beautiful sixteenth-century chopines above are Venetian, made of leather, silk and wood, and are in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For an intriguing short essay on chopines, visit the Met here.

I am not making resolutions as such this year. Instead, I’ve been inspired by this wonderful post on one of my favorite websites, She Writes, about simply deciding what to take with one on the journey into the new year, and what to leave behind:

You CAN Take It With You by Tayari Jones

Cressie is continuing to heal. The Silver Casket is continuing to flourish, day by day. Time is continuing to count itself down to the debut of The Second Duchess on March 1st. All I can do is be thankful for all the good things in my life.

Happy happy 2011 to everyone!


  • Kelly Andrews

    Great post, great shoes. I don’t wear heels but I’d give those a try.

    I’m leaving behind angst over my unsold book and taking my new WIP and wonderful family into the new year with me.

    • elizabeth

      Thanks, Kelly! Your plan for the new year sounds great. All best to you with your WIP!

  • Jan O'Hara

    Very good news about Cressie! Happy New Year, Elizabeth. 2011 promises to be good to you.

    • elizabeth

      Thank you, Jan… I hope it will be good for you too, and for everyone. Cressie sends her love (consisting of slurps, snuggles, and much rustling of her protective plastic bag).

  • Lisa

    Hooray for Cressie, and hooray for you too!

    Here’s to 2011โ€”and peace and success to us all.

    • elizabeth

      Thank you, Lisa. I agree, let’s have a peaceful and fortunate 2011.

  • ChristaCarol

    Glad to hear about Cressie! Such a sweet girl!! Counting down with you on your debut, and I have the butterflies for you (or with you). I’m not much of a resolution maker either. Posted mine, too….pretty much keep on track with writing, Zumba and learn better patience with my kids, hah! Happy 2011, pretty lady!

    • elizabeth

      I think I’ve started a butterfly farm. Is there such a thing? I’ll share. ๐Ÿ™‚ Best of everything to you in 2011 with your girls and your new arrival.

  • Lesia Valentine

    Love those shoes. I found a pair, made very similarly, back in the early 80’s in a second-hand shop in a tiny town called Eagle, Colorado (30 miles west of Vail). They were made of wood and leather, though, and were Japanese, size 4, and not nearly that old or valuable, I’m sure, but just as fun! I snatched them up for an old friend who is the only woman I know who wears a 4. She still has them.

    How’s Cressie coming along? And your research?