In which I express heartfelt gratitude

Deanna Raybourn, she of the excellent Lady Julia Grey novels and the deliciously atmospheric new twist on the Dracula legend, The Dead Travel Fast, has read an advance copy of The Second Duchess. She liked it! (She liked it! She really liked it! Heh.) In fact, she even blogged about it. So hie thyself to Deanna’s blog posthaste, browse through her warm and witty posts, and perhaps even leave a comment or two. Like, here:

In which I have a book for you

I’m still snowed under with copyedits, but next week I’ll post about The Dead Travel Fast. You will like it. You really will.


  • Robin L.

    I just saw that, Elizabeth! I got so excited for you! I thought, I know her, she’s a Violet!

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to read this book. The book I’m working on right now takes place about 75 years before yours, so the time period is one I’ve very intrigued with.

    Congratulations again. And also on your fabulous cover!!

    • elizabeth

      Thank you, Robin! I am indeed a Violet all the way. Is your book a Nathaniel book or a Theodosia book or something entirely new?

  • Robin L.

    It’s a new, dark YA, Elizabeth. I debated for about two years whether it was an adult book or a YA, but after working with it I realized the thematic issues worked better for YA. We will have to compare research books sometime!

    • elizabeth

      We will! I’m going to post a bibliography on the Second Duchess page later this year. I’m looking forward to your book!

  • ChristaCarol

    How exciting! I mentioned you to my English World Lit. class last night, we were reading “My Last Duchess” and I gave you a shout out! And I’m still in awe of the cover. If it were possible, I’d totally make out with it 😛

    • elizabeth

      LOL! I asked the cover and it said, “Whoo-hoo! She’s hot! I’ll make out with her any day!” 🙂

      That is so cool about your World Lit class… thanks for the shout-out! One of the things I hope to do once the book is out is give presentations to high school and college classes about “My Last Duchess,” the history and the real people behind the story, and how poetry in general can create a whole world in a few lines.