The Day After Christmas

Cressie: “Uh-oh, I don’t think we were supposed to start taking down the decorations quite yet. Boo, quick, help me hide the evidence!”

Boo: “We are so busted.”

Cressie, Boo, The Broadcasting Legend™ and I will be back in 2010. We wish everyone a very safe and happy New Year!


  • otherlisa

    OMG, they are too damn cute for words!

  • Sally Apokedak

    Elizabeth, did you happen to be in a yahoo critique group about seven or eight years ago called WWCG? I have just entered the querying agents stage and in doing so I followed links from your agent here. When I read the description of your book I got chills. I knew you by a different name and you left our group when you got married. It was you, wasn’t it? Please tell me it was. Because I have often thought about you over the years, thinking, “Man I wish I knew her name because I’d search to see if she ever got that book published.” You were without doubt the best writer in the group and my greatest regret when you left was that we were only halfway through the book and I didn’t get to see how it ended.

    I am still good friends with another gal from the group (it’s been dead for years–I left shortly after you did) and she has often said that your critiques helped her so much. I agree that your critiques were great, but what I really wanted was to read the rest of your book.

    Anyway, I’m so happy that you are going to get this book published. It was wonderful with such great characters and such a rich world and intriguing mystery.

    • elizabeth

      Hi, Sally! I am indeed the Elizabeth of whom you speak. Heh. I’m writing back to you privately in more detail.