A Feast of Pre-Raphaelites

The Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK has just launched a new website showcasing its world famous Pre-Raphaelite collection. is now the largest online collection of Pre-Raphaelite art in the world.

I could be lost in this site for days. You may have to send the dogs to find me!


  • otherlisa

    Send in the Cyber-Beagle Brigade!

    • elizabeth

      Hee! Here I am, over here by “Costume Study – A young Duchess of 1400AD from Bonnard’s ‘Costume Historique,'” a tracing by Frederick Sandys. A little early for me, but lovely and graceful. I particularly like all the sketches and tracings included in the collection, as well as the finished paintings. Kind of like first drafts. Heh.

  • Gypsyscarlett

    Oh, I am so going to get lost in that site. 🙂

    • elizabeth

      Isn’t it fabulous? I’ll pack a lunch and we can both spend the day. 🙂