There is News

And the best kind of news. My book The Second Duchess has been sold to Ellen Edwards at Penguin/NAL, with the publication date to be determined.

If you could see me now (and thank goodness you can’t) you’d see me running up and down the hall laughing and crying and jumping up and down. The dogs, needless to say, are amazed, and hopeful of getting lots of treats. The Broadcasting Legend™ is working, of course, but I’m sure he’ll be amazed and thrilled in his turn.

I’m so grateful to so many people. My nonpareil agent Diana Fox, who has kept me sane and even reasonably productive through the whole process. My many writer friends, and particularly my wonderful and irreplaceable critique group the Lurkers. (Don’t ask me why we’re called that. Because come to think of it, I actually don’t know.) The people all over the world who’ve responded so kindly (and in three languages) to my many research questions. And of course the Broadcasting Legend™ himself, who has encouraged and supported me through many highs and lows.

Now. Virtual champagne for everyone! Or come to think of it, perhaps virtual Roditis. And saganaki. Opa!


  • otherlisa


    And *ahem* I told you so!

    Re: the Lurkers…well, I’d gotten solicited by this online “writer’s workshop” that turned out to be a sort of come-on for the founder’s fee-based seminars and publications. It was a huge, unmoderated group, very frustrating to navigate, and I finally posted the comment: “Say, is anyone else lurking here working on novels?” I got a few responses (no one from that initial group is left other than yours truly), and thus, the Lurking Novelists.

    • elizabeth

      Truly I’d never heard that story before! I’m so glad I found the Lurkers. Thanks for your kind thoughts and yes, you did tell us so!

  • Kari


    • elizabeth

      Thank you, Kari!

  • K. Taylor


    • elizabeth

      Thanks so much! Have a glass of roditis!

  • Dana

    I’m so glad you found us Lurking!!! Congrats, Elizabeth! This is such a stellar year for the Lurkers! I so can’t wait for my own copy of Duchess… signed, of course! Which means you need to do signings in San Francisco!

    • elizabeth

      I’m glad I found you all lurking, too! I’ve never been to San Francisco and so would love any excuse to visit!

  • Broadcasting Legend

    Dearest Author,
    I can’t think of better news to come home to. You have worked so hard and deserve our kudos, and all my love.
    Mr. Legend

    • elizabeth

      Dearest Mr. Legend,
      Just wait till you get home!

  • Rose Pressey

    Someone said there was a party over here. Woo-hoo! Pass the champagne and congrats again.

    • elizabeth

      Yes! Par-tay! Champagne and amuse-bouches over there, Roditis and saganaki over here. Thank you for your kind thoughts, and may I say congratulations to you as well on the publication date being set for your own book!

  • Barb

    Congratulations, sis! I’m so very very proud of you!

    • elizabeth

      Hello! Welcome to the blog! And thank you so much for your good thoughts.

  • Gypsyscarlett

    I just came over here from AW. Wanted to congratulate you again on your own site. Truly wonderful news. 🙂

    btw, I’m mad about the Pre-Raphaelites, too.

    • elizabeth

      Thank you! How thoughtful you are. Another Pre-Raph admirer is one more step to the Post-Pre-Raphaelite Revolution! 🙂 Edited to add: I love your blog–lovely writing and atmosphere.

  • Helen Kennedy

    Congratulations. Cannot wait to read the new book.

    • elizabeth

      Helen! Hello! What a pleasant surprise to “see” you! Welcome to the blog, and thank you for your good wishes.

  • Bryn Greenwood

    YAAAAAAAY!!!! Any champagne left over for a tired post-move Lurker?

    This has truly been a great year for the group. I’m thrilled this came together quickly for you. (Not the writing and revising, I know!! But the agenting/selling.) Brava!!

    • elizabeth

      *Pops open a fresh bottle.* Always plenty of champagne, with extra for homeless Lurkers. Thank you so much, and all eyes are now on you as the purveyor of the next good news!

  • Jen

    Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

    • elizabeth

      Thank you, Jen!