Seven Things

I appear to have been tagged by Alex Moore, young adult fantasy writer and cat person. That means I have to tell you seven things about myself that you probably didn’t already know. And that aren’t too dull. Heh.

  1. I was my high school’s Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow. Really. No, really.
  2. I ended up as a vice president of a radio network. They didn’t have a Radio Network Executive of Tomorrow contest.
  3. My childhood beagle’s name was Tuesday’s Prince Charles. We called him Charlie.
  4. A few years ago I slipped on some ice (ice in Dallas, I know, that’s why I wasn’t expecting it) and smashed my left kneecap to smithereens. The orthopedic surgeon said I’d never kneel down to play jacks again. He meant it as a joke but I learned to play jacks just so I could prove him wrong. (I did.)
  5. I am the first cousin thirteen times removed of Bessie Blount, Henry VIII’s first mistress.
  6. I once dressed up as a manuscript for a Halloween party—I stapled typed pages all over jeans and a t-shirt, and made myself a tall headdress with flowing streamers of stapled-together pages. People really did try to read me.
  7. When I was young and foolish I lived at the corner of Bourbon Street and Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans. Oh, lordy, it was such a great place to be young and foolish.


  • otherlisa

    Oh, man, does this mean that I’ve been tagged too?

    I don’t know which of these is my favorite, but the Betty Crocker thing is a strong contender….

  • Alex Moore

    i love these details — they fit the picture of you: sparkling and joyful and warm & a whole lot of spunky determination.