A Real Monday at Last

After two holiday weeks (and I do love the holidays, but still) of not knowing for certain what day it was at any given moment, I am now firmly anchored again. It’s Monday. As Pippa sings in Mr. Browning’s famous poem/play Pippa Passes, “God’s in his heaven—all’s right with the world.”

I think I need to put together a fantasy writers group of men, too. Robert Browning, of course. Algernon Charles Swinburne (swoon). E.F. Benson, author of the glorious Lucia books. Who else?


  • Dana

    Well, i always think of Edgar Allen Poe and Lovecraft when I think of male fantastical writers…

  • Dana

    And it would have helped had I read the previous post first and understood what you were talking about… although I would personally be amused at a writer’s group including the two I mentioned.

  • Elizabeth

    Hee! Actually, Swinburne would get on like a house afire with Poe and Lovecraft. Browning would take notes for more dramatic monologues and E.F. Benson would arrange high tea while dusting his bibelots.

  • otherlisa

    Gawd, I have the worst memory for list-like things. Favorite authors? Favorite books? Favorite movies? I honestly can’t hold lists in my head, for the most part. But if you ask me, hey, have you read this and what do you think, I’m happy to expound. One of the things I like about GoodReads is that I’m actually recording the things that I’ve read lately, so at least I can go look them up.