Rich, authentic historical fiction, each book with a breath of unique magic—a shadow world of untouchable, sardonic wraiths called immobili; a form of Scottish second sight which reads desires and futures in flowers; a semi-mythical alchemical formula that may or may not make one immune to every poison ever known.

Somewhere, in every book, there’s a hound (or two or three) with melting eyes and velvety ears. And although the human characters meet fates both bright and dark, you can be sure that the dogs will come through safely in the end.

"...if you're looking for that elusive holiday read that punches above its apparent weight here it is: [The Red Lily Crown is] satisfying with romance in proportion and deaths by poisoning and garrotting thrown in… What more could we ask?"

Ani Johnson, The Bookbag

"Fast-paced and extremely winning... fizzes and pops on so many levels that even experienced readers will find themselves guessing about some plot-resolutions right up to the book’s final chapters. But what’s most remarkable about The Red Lily Crown is how little it needs such theatrics; underneath all the personal intrigue and well-drawn historical detail, this is foremost a character-driven novel..."

Steve Donaghue, Open Letters Monthly

"The plot is so rich and so thick.. expertly faithful to real world history, and the personal choices made by Elizabeth Loupas to answer long-standing mysteries are wonderful supplements to her intended direction... this is a book I not only appreciated, but also devoured and loved. I could rave forever, but I think I might as well leave this review summarized with a simple sentiment: If you love history, the Medici, or just a fantastic read, the Red Lily Crown comes absolutely, exuberantly, and vehemently recommended by this saucy historian."

Bry Jenson, Romancing the Laser Pistol

"Loupas' reputation as a force in historical fiction gains momentum with this exciting, well-crafted story. Loupas paints a vivid portrait of the time, giving readers an in-depth picture of the beauty, cruelty and madness, and the superstitious nature of powerful men and women."

Romantic Times

"The Red Lily Crown has all the secret romance, murder, family backstabbing, and illegitimate children one could possibly dream up.... So much of the story is historically accurate, which makes the dramatic twists even more exciting..."

Meg Stivison, The Absolute

"The Red Lily Crown is a dark, treacherous journey through the Medici’s Florence...An amazing and, at times depressing tale, The Red Lily Crown is beautifully presented with incredible characters and the backdrop of a stunning and very dangerous era."

Romance Reviews Today

"Elizabeth Loupas just gets better and better. The Red Lily Crown is Machiavelli meets The Brothers Grimm: a dark fairy tale with the addictive allure of a poison dream. Renaissance Florence springs to life in all its gorgeous, treacherous glory when a brave street urchin finds herself neck deep in Medici blood-lust. A dash of magic, a maze of murder, a heroine to root for, and a villain who needs to die—this is historical fiction at its most compelling."

Kate Quinn, author of The Lion and the Rose

"Move over, Borgias. I'm enthralled by the world evoked in The Red Lily Crown: the magnificent, dangerous and deeply amoral court of the Medici in late 16th century Florence. And I fell in love with Chiara, a spunky alchemist's daughter who must use her wits to outmaneuver those who would not hesitate to kill for the secrets of the stone. A deliciously decadent page-turner."

Nancy Bilyeau, author of The Crown and The Chalice

"Elizabeth Loupas works her own particular alchemy on her readers as she brings the heady elements of the Medici court to life—fascinating!"

Marina Fiorato, author of The Venetian Bargain

"Elizabeth Loupas works a kind of alchemy, evoking Renaissance Florence in all its splendor and decadence. Riddled with spies, intrigue, poison and passion, this novel set in the 16th century world of the Medici grand dukes is lush, provocative and fascinating."

Patricia Bracewell, author of Shadow on the Crown

"With a deft hand and a dash of wit, Elizabeth Loupas combines alchemy, deadly secrets, a defiant young woman seeking her freedom, and a mysterious English stranger into a heady brew. This vivid and enthralling tale of 16th century Medici-ruled Florence brings to life all the brutality, deception, and glamour of one of history’s most intoxicating eras. I could not put it down!"

C.W. Gortner, author of The Queen's Vow

"The Red Lily Crown is Elizabeth Loupas’ best novel yet, full of dark plots, well-drawn characters and dazzling authentic Florentine details... It is a tribute to Loupas’ ability to build and sustain suspense that we are never certain of the outcome—either of individual harrowing events or the novel as a whole—until the last pages are turned. You will race through this book and then find yourself wishing it did not have to end."

Sophie Perinot, author of The Sister Queens